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Guardtech Group: Meet the Team – Joe Shackley

We’ll be catching up with a different member of the team over the coming months to find out what makes Guardtech such a happy family

Name: Joe Shackley
Role: Marketing Manager

So, what’s your name and what do you do at the Guardtech Group?

“I’m Joe Shackley – and I’m the Marketing Manager.”

 And what does that role involve?

“I share our products and services with the wider world via lots of different marketing channels. I create a lot of my own content, from PR and eblasts to videos, social posts, case studies and print to digital advertising. And these days I also take part in quite a lot of business development, including promoting at exhibitions that span a wide number of industries.”

How long have you been at Guardtech – and have you always worked in marketing?

 “I’ve been at Guardtech for 3 years in September, but my background is printed press. I started in local newspapers – then graduated to the nationals, before ending up working for Match of the Day magazine. In those first 15 years of my career I (hopefully!) mastered some of the key Adobe Creative Suite applications – and so my background has helped me move into this role relatively seamlessly.”

Nice! So, what is it that you like about working at Guardtech?

 “It’s nice to be working among industries that are doing so well, having watched the print industry decline so rapidly in my time. This is a fantastic, progressive family business and it’s a family I know very well, so I’m not only excited to be part of awesome growth but I feel even more committed to doing my best as the guys running the show are dear to my heart.”

What sort of stuff do you like doing outside of work?

“I used to play guitar and synth and sing in various bands, however I have two young kids now so it’s had to take a breather. I love spending time with my children and family, watching football and of course catching up with friends, new and old for a beer and a curry.”

Here’s a tough one! If you had to pair up with one person in the office who would it be – and why?

“Mark Wheeler, the Commercial Director, and I are old school friends, but we already spend enough time working together as it is! So I’ll say our Project Coordinator Charlie Connollly. She’s a smart, funny lady and is one of the most reliable people I’ve ever met – so I know she’d never let down the side!”

 Awww, that’s sweet. What has been your favourite project to work on then?

“There have been too many to count – however, one that stands out is was JEB Technologies. It’s based in my old hometown of Mildenhall, Suffolk and the guys who run that business are super nice. It’s a stunning cleanroom too – and we got some amazing images and video from that project which have proved really useful as marketing assets.”

 And finally… if you were stuck in a cleanroom for a week, what three things would you bring with you?

“Oooh interesting question! I would have to say a foot-long Subway with all the trimmings to keep my belly full, my acoustic guitar of course and a crate of beer to have some fun!”