THE GUARDTECH GROUP design and build a wide range of mobile cleanroom and laboratory solutions that can be shipped worldwide.

Our CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms are ideal for quick turnaround projects, space utilisation and temporary applications.

This website will help to guide you through the structural, mechanical and electrical elements of our range of CleanCube Shipping Containers and CleanCube Box Vans. The standard product ranges give users a clear idea of the options available to them, but there is some flexibility in terms of arrangements, layout and additional features.

The Guardtech Group offer nine standard CleanCube container base model configurations – Mini (20ft), Midi (40ft) and Maxi (40ft double), as well as six Multi options: 3-bay, 4-bay, 5-bay, 6-bay, 7-bay and 8-bay.

There are also three standard internal finishes to apply to your chosen base models – GMP, ISO and CNC. These set layouts are an efficient means for any end user to quickly select a pre-configured internal fit-out to deliver the performance necessities that their application requires.

If you wish to tailor your CleanCube to specific requirements, a Guardtech engineer can work with you to develop a portable cleanroom to fully support your needs.

CleanCube won the Business & Product Innovation Award at the Federation of Small Businesses Awards (East of England) and the Business Innovation Award at the SME Cambridgeshire Business awards.

Cleancube Shipping Containers

A worldwide solution, the containers come in three size variations – Mini (20ft), Midi (40ft) and Maxi.

The latter is a 40ft double container with an increased 60m² footprint. They can be shipped globally as entire units or as stackable modules via the standard shipping channel.

CleanCube Vehicle Conversions

These 3.5 and 7.5-ton vehicles are internally fitted out to function as fully operational ‘plug-and-play’ mobile cleanrooms and laboratories.

As with the Shipping Containers, the 3.5-ton Mobi and 7.5-ton Mobi+ can be supplied with a wide range of high-quality cleanroom furniture and equipment options.

CleanCube Multi

Looking for something even bigger? Then our CleanCube Multi solutions might be just what you need. We can safely and securely conjoin as many containers as you need side by side – or even stack them on top of each other  – giving you the flexibility to meet the footfall your application requires.

Three Internal Specifications

Guardtech provide three standard internal Specifications for all of their CleanCube base models: GMP, ISO and CNC. These Specifications offer a quick and efficient internal configuration solution for end users with specific requirements related to their application.