THE Guardtech Group have provided award-winning CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms for a wide range of applications in an ever-increasing array of industries.

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CASE STUDY ISO7 CleanCube Maxi

We uncover the different technical aspects and challenges behind a stunning portable double container cleanroom for Research & Development.


Find out about how the CleanCube Design and Installation teams worked in perfect harmony to deliver a world-class cGMP-compliant CleanCube for Cell & Gene Therapy. 

CASE STUDY Cleancube Mobile Solutions

We explore the technical details behind various CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms solutions provided by the Guardtech Group, from vans to containers and beyond.

CASE STUDY CleanCube Lorry Conversion

Read all about our fascinating CleanCube lorry conversion to deliver COVID-19 PCR diagnostics services for elite-level golfers on the European Tour on behalf of rapid testing providers Cignpost Diagnostics.

CASE STUDY CleanCube Mobi Vans

Our CleanCube Mobi vans proved critical in providing much-needed laboratory space for PCR testing during the COVID-19 pandemic – find out how we developed and delivered the award-winning concept.

CASE STUDY Containment Level 3 CleanCube Midi Laboratory

Find out how the CleanCube team refurbished a BSL2 Midi previously used for COVID-19 testing to allow operators to work on Containment Level 3 pathogens such as novel TB.

CASE STUDY Guardtech Group Case Studies

Want to know more about the wide variety of projects the Guardtech Group have undertaken? Read case studies from a long list of world-class controlled environment builds for a diverse range of exciting applications. 

Guardtech Group Case Study Guardtech Group Validation Case Study

Discover the process undertaken by the Guardtech Service Department for a CleanCube Maxi Validation as part of an Operational Qualification (OQ).


Discover the process undertaken by the Guardtech Decontamination Team for a Gradee D Pharma cleanroom suite Deep Clean.

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