IF YOUR application requires the stringent levels of protection that only a Containment Level 3 laboratory can achieve, then we might just have the solution your business needs.

Why not save yourself the hassle of undertaking a major new construction project or refurb development by exploring the benefits of a CleanCube CL3 model?

The Guardtech Group provide specially configured Containment Level 3 CleanCube container laboratories in all base model sizes – 20ft Mini, 40ft Midi and double 40ft Maxi, as well as the full selection of large Multi facilities.

There’s no longer any need to demolish your premises just to add extra concrete to the host building – with CleanCube you can retain your existing space and simply place your container anywhere that you have space on site, whether that’s a car park, field or just right alongside the building you occupy.

Our Containment Level 3 (CL3) laboratories are fully equipped to support medical research and the study of infectious diseases, with your safety and biosecurity paramount in our unit designs.

These purpose-built CL3 containers have been designed to provide the highest level of safety and security for handling Hazard Group 3 organisms.

Get in touch with the CleanCube team today to find out how our revolutionary CleanCube system can transform your application with little fuss, big cost benefits and a level of flexibility never before seen in Containment Lab installations.

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CASE STUDY Containment Level 3 CleanCube Midi Laboratory

Find out how the CleanCube team refurbished a BSL2 Midi previously used for COVID-19 testing to allow operators to work on Containment Level 3 pathogens such as novel TB.

Our Models The Cleancube Range

There are nine standard CleanCube models – three base containers, two vehicular conversions and six large-scale Multi solutions. Click a model to find out more.

Rental Options Lease Your Portable Cleanroom Today

Do you require a rapid lab solution – but only for a temporary basis? Maybe there’s a particular aspect of your process that needs to be contained separately for a while? Or perhaps you just want to try before you buy? We have four Rental models to meet all your needs.

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