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Expand your horizons: think big with a Cleanroom Solutions turnkey project

Let the Guardtech Group heritage business take away the hassle of building the large-scale facility of your dreams

CLEANROOM SOLUTIONS have been installing world-class controlled environments for more than 20 years.

 From Semiconductor suites to University R&D centres, Medical Device manufacturing cleanrooms to cGMP Pharmaceutical facilities, the company’s commitment to a full-package turnkey philosophy has been unwavering.

 No hassle. No fuss – and no stone left unturned. A comprehensive construction package taking care of every aspect of the project for clients.

 The Guardtech Group acquired the formerly Sussex-based business at the back end of 2021 with a steely determination to ensure those values remained constant.

 And for that reason, Cleanroom Solutions stands alone as the Group’s heritage brand responsible for covering every base imaginable in the ‘larger-scale’ controlled environment facility design & build process.

 “Cleanroom Solutions have been helping Life Sciences clients expand their horizons for a long time now,” says Guardtech Group Commercial Director Mark Wheeer, “pretty much the same number of years as our other heritage business, Guardtech Cleanrooms.

 “But what sets the two apart in our now well-established Guardtech Group business model is that Cleanroom Solutions offer a full turnkey package to those companies who want to ‘think big’.

 “Large-scale footprints, intricate process flows, various utilities, meticulous pre-build processes, detailed post-build reporting. Cleanroom Solutions are all about marrying complexity, scale and quality in a manner where clients can rest assured that every aspect of the build is going to be taken care of by highly experienced, diligent and professional specialists in cleanroom construction.”

 Cleanroom Solutions’ thorough consultation process takes clients on a unique journey, where every critical aspect of the facility design is scrutinised.

 From state-of-the-art 3D laser scan and surveys to BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Computational Flow Dynamics (airflow simulations), the key terms ‘complexity’ and ‘diligence’ continually come to the fore.

 The same goes for site safety, installation practices and compliance – Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations are the bedrock from which Cleanroom Solutions operate sites adhering to the highest standards.

 Detailed documentation is provided to the client thorough the project, including Master Room Specification, Functional Design Specification and Design Qualifications.

 Cleanroom Solutions apply their own RIBA Framework to all projects, outlining expected deliverables in line with the main construction project to provide a common language for this area of specialist subcontractor works.

 Each individual stage details the exact design outputs that will be produced and the expected drawings or models, calculations and documents provided.

 From mezzanines to supporting steelwork, highly complex HVAC solutions to extraction, process gasses or purified water, Cleanroom Solutions take control of the installation of all utilities required.

 It’s that dedication to taking hassle away from the client that sets the business apart, according to Wheeler.

 “There are plenty of companies out there who can put together a modular cleanroom,” he adds. “But to offer everything you get with a Cleanroom Solutions project, from start to finish, all the documentation, panel by panel, so many utilities, full furniture & equipment fit-outs, dealing with highly influential stakeholders, loads of complexity, and still delivering a world-class facility on time and on budget, that’s special. That’s what makes Cleanroom Solutions special.

 “When we invite Life Sciences companies to expand their horizons, we really mean it. We want clients to Cleanroom Solutions to develop a large-scale facility and dream big. We give businesses the platform to make those dreams come true. We work with our clients in a two-way process – a truly collaborative approach.

 “But when it comes to the crunch, we want to take on the burden of a major construction project. We want to make it an enjoyable journey for the client. With, of course, the very best outcome possible. That’s the Cleanroom Solutions way.”

 For more information on Cleanroom Solutions, visit www.cleanroom-solutions.co.uk, email sales@guardtech.com or call 0330 113 0303.