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Outside the box: scale up your ambitions with a Guardtech Cleanrooms modular

The Guardtech Group’s modular champions are offering flexible solutions that grow and adapt alongside their clients’ aspirations

GUARDTECH CLEANROOMS have been installing high-performance modular cleanroom systems for more than 20 years now – and in that time, one thought stands out from all the others.

 “Change is ubiquitous,” says Commercial Director Mark Wheeler. “Funnily enough, that’s the one constant. Our working practices have evolved, new standards have developed, materials have improved, efficiencies have been bettered – and it’s the same story for our clients, nothing stands still.

 “A business really can change a lot in a short space of time – we’ve seen that with so many applications with whom we’ve worked.

 “For that reason, we ensure our clients are equipped for change – whether scaling up or down or modifying part of their process. This is something our Design Team builds into every modular cleanroom scheme – and it’s a major factor in why our trusted clients keep coming back to us.”

 A Guardtech Cleanrooms modular system, which often takes the form of a ‘room within a room’, requires an inherent adaptability.

 The systems are constructed from high-quality, durable materials that are also easy to disassemble and reassemble – to ensure any alterations, expansion, upgrades or even relocation are as straightforward as possible.

 “We’re always thinking outside the box,” Wheeler continues. “Whether that’s the inclusion of a mezzanine that the client wasn’t anticipating, or perhaps offering them a range of different airflow, filtration or HVAC options, we know that the growth of a business is not a linear thing and we recognise that every application is different.

 “Our modular cleanrooms are designed to make life as easy as possible for clients and we have three standard internal fit-outs to support this – GMP for the most demanding environments, ISO for the most common requirements (ISO 14644rooms from ISO5 to 8) and CNC for the lower grade labs and unclassified cleanrooms.”

 Guardtech Cleanrooms offer four or five different ‘grades’ of material for the key components in each modular build – from elite GT Max components down to lower-grade GT Lite options.

 Their comprehensive Technical Data Sheets outline the different options clients can choose from for a range of components – from GT Lid ceilings to GT Deck flooring, GT Air HVAC to GT Flow filtration.

 The Data Sheets offer a thorough guide on the differences between a Max, Pro, Plus, Lite or Fire option – for example, GT Lux lighting – with an emphasis on differing performance, quality marks, cost-effectiveness and lead times.

 Ultimately though, no matter how comprehensive the selection of standard options you offer, there will always some clients with needs that defy expectation.

 “Bespoke modular cleanrooms remain as critical for our business now as they ever have done,” adds Wheeler. “That’s where our ‘outside the box’ philosophy really comes into its own.

 “Whatever the requirement for an application, no matter how challenging, we’ll find a way to make it work. We have really creative people working across the business, from Design and Installation to Servicing and Compliance.

 “The wider Group are incredibly skilled at working ‘holistically’, pooling collective knowledge to deliver innovative solutions. We go the extra mile, we leave no stone unturned, and we never let a problem or potential roadblock stop us from achieving the best possible result for our customers.”

 For more information on Guardtech Cleanrooms’ modular systems, visit www.guardtechcleanrooms.com, call 0330 113 0303 or email sales@guardtech.com.