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CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms embrace the changing landscape

Guardtech’s award-winning portable controlled environments set to offer solutions for range of new applications

IF THERE’S one thing we’ve learnt over the past few years, it’s that change is ubiquitous. Problems arise, solutions are developed and we move forward.

 The COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of difficulties unlike anything most of us had seen before, yet we found solutions – and we are now, once again, moving forward.

 CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms developed into a solution that no-one at the Guardtech Group would ever have imagined at the start of the pandemic.

 What began as a bright idea from Guardtech’s Design team – to fit a lab into a shipping container for an R&D client in working with oil and gas in Nigeria – went on to become more than 40 units conducting vital PCR testing in the fight against coronavirus, helping to restrict its potentially deadly spread.

 This led to the Guardtech Group clinching two awards for their innovative portable controlled environment solution – the SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards gong for Business Innovation and the Federation of Small Businesses Award for Business & Product Innovation.

 Now things are changing again – for the better this time, hopefully – and the Guardtech Group’s Commercial Director Mark Wheeler recognises the need to embrace that change.

 It’s why CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms are expanding their offerings with three new standard models – CleanCube Pharma, CleanCube Equip and CleanCube Bio.

 “It’s an exciting time for CleanCube – and the Group as a whole,” he says. “The way the product has developed from one small idea into an award-winning solution, helping to save lives, has been heart-warming. But we know we need to keep moving forward – it’s time to take this fabulous idea to the next level.

 “Due to the level of interest from specific industries and their applications, we’ve noticed trends in requirement. That led us toward standardised designs that reduce lead time and improve cost efficiencies, providing clients with tried and tested solutions that exist in the field.

 “We’ve now created standardised models for three industry types where we’ve seen the highest demand in recuring inquiries, refining the design so that the standard model meets the majority of users’ requirements.

 “Of course, we continue to cater for all individual needs with more bespoke units and our highly creative Design Team love consulting with clients on the more unique proposals, too.”

 CleanCube Pharma and Bio utilise the base specification of the Midi 40ft container, while the Equip is housed in the Maxi (double container), with the Pharma configured to produce the best utilisation of production space whilst also accommodating the demands of a primary and secondary personnel airlock.

 Allowing for a one or two-process room configuration and supporting either positive or negative pressurisation, CleanCube Pharma will be ideal for applications in the fields of Pharmaceutical compounding and Cell & Gene Therapy, especially where segregation and containment is required.

 TheseGrade B, C and D spaces feature a ceiling height of 2.1m, with a fully flush construction principle.

 Four interlocked powder-coated steel personnel doors come as standard, with the frame incorporated into the panel core, the flooring is hot-welded vinyl, with power outlets and data points as standard and 750 Lux recessed lights.

 Fan coil units contained within the ceiling plenum provide 20C +/- 2 to all room and four in-room LED display illustrate pressure, temperature, humidity feeding back to centralised computer screen with EMS software for alarms and data storage.

“The great thing about CleanCube Pharma, as well as the Bio and Equip models, is that they help to show customers just some of the amazing, often unexpected, upgrades they can potentially have in their CleanCube,” Mr Wheeler continues.

 “A lot of the labs we supplied for COVID testing followed a similar internal fit-out – which was actually quite limited in terms of the huge number of exciting additions clients can bring to their bespoke design.”

 CleanCube Equip adopts a Maxi base (40ft doubler container) and has been configured to maximise processing space to accommodate large tools and equipment used as part of any controlled manufacturing process.

 Typically, these modules are procured by tool and equipment manufacturers, who form only a part of their client’s manufacturing chain, and so their equipment must be operated within a controlled environment.

 Guardtech have worked with OEMs to produce a standardised base unit that facilitates maximum floor space, supported by personnel and materials airlocks and dedicated supporting plant and utility zone.

 Equip offers increased internal clearance of 2.5m by delivering ISO7 classified filtration via horizontal airflow and is temperature and humidity controlled to support process, packaging and storage conditions as well as operator comfort.

 The Bio version, which initially became established during the pandemic, shares the same specification as many of the units out in the field right now – like those at major UK airports and beyond – that have become so vital for PCR testing.

 These biosafety laboratories (levels 1, 2 & 3) are specially configured to ensure operators are able to work with contagious materials safely and effectively. These labs are designed not only to protect the operator from contamination, but also to prevent micro-organisms from entering the environment. 

 All three models boast cleanroom grade Trespa benches with stainless steel frames, mobile sinks, stainless steel wire racking units, Trespa under-bench cabinets, stainless steel stepover benches with compartments, wall mounted dispensers and full-length mirrors.

 Utilities like compressed air, drainage, town’s water supply, extraction and processed gasses are also available as add-ons.

 Mr Wheeler believes that all three of the new CleanCube models will not only strengthen the current solutions that the Mini (20ft container), Maxi (40ft double container), Multi (modular buildings), Mobi and Mobi+ (van conversions) provide to clients, they will elevate the CleanCube brand to another level.

 “We’re getting to the stage where our CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms can cater for the same wide audience as our turnkey and modular controlled environment builds,” he continues. “By introducing these three intricately considered standard models, it makes the process easier for potential future clients, as we know the kind of conditions they require to conduct the work they do – not just to meet the standards but to do so effectively.

 “The CleanCube team will always retain a flexible position, where we listen to each customer’s individual needs, and we will endeavour to help them create something more bespoke if necessary, but these standard models just give us a platform to make the whole sales process more efficient and transparent.”

 For more information on CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms, visit www.guardtech.com, email sales@guardtech.com or call 0330 113 0303.